CP3 Lands In Los Angeles

Chris Paul lands in LA, but not with the Lakers.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

The CP3 circus is over and the big winners are the Clippers. That’s right, after all the theoretical dream teams being assembled in LA with Kobe and CP3, it turns out the Clippers are the big winners.

This raises questions around the league of what a Griffin / Paul combo can produce. Are they contenders?

In a word, no. Yes, the Clippers maybe be the most watchable team in NBA this year and will certainly create an overabundance of highlight lob-to-dunk combos, but titles aren’t created on flash. They’re molded in defense, bench-play, and role players. Just for the record, the Clippers still lack all three.

The Clippers offense will likely be a well oiled machine capable of tossing up significant numbers, but on the other end of the court they lack discipline and grit, not to mention defensively minded players that man-up, crash the boards, and aren’t afraid to hit the floor.

Although the CP3 acquisition is exciting and will certainly bring attention to the Clippers. Can anyone really say they pick the Clippers over the Mavs, Thunder, or Lakers? I’m not even sure the CP3 grab makes the Clippers one of the top 3 teams in the West. It’s the Christmas season and the Clippers need to keep shopping they they are really trying to make a run.