Historectomy 15 From Russia With Fun, Tetris!

(The Social Network + Cold War) x Video Games = this awesome podcast! More Russian jokes inside!

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

Christian and I get really wrapped up in this strange story of counterintelligence, copyright law, and block puzzles inspired by fish, the history of Tetris. You know the game, but do you know the story of Alexey Pajitnov’s baby? Nnet! Of course you don’t!




Also in this episode: Origin of the word “Tetris”, Great names for Soviet Development Centers that don’t sound evil at all, Math majors have all the fun, the melody of Tetris came before the game, screw the PS3 I play the 8K RAM Elektronica 60, we get 6 minutes in before a “Hackers” reference, Grasimov the 16 year old wunderkind, fax machines are not the right way to communicate intellectual property rights, we attempt to understand the Japanese videogame market, “The Boss Button”, video game addicts, battery acid explosions, Christian makes a mind-blowing revelation of the philosophy of Tetris, SEGA can’t catch a break, Tetris as techno-organic virus, Sam stretches to get a Metallica reference in there,and Pajitnov gets a happy ending! Bonus levels!?!?! No! This is Historectomy!


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