Preview: DC Super Friends – The New Animated Series

A new animated series coming in 2012 revives the magic of old-school Super-Friends cartoons.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

DC Super Friends

When you watch the video below, you'll be wondering just what fans are wondering at the moment – is this for real?

A cartoon entitled DC Super Friends, has an entire episode online to watch, labeled as a new Justice League cartoon series for 2012.  Solid information seems to be scant about this right now, but there's another copy of the opening that says it ties in with Fisher Price's Imaginext toyline of the same name. 

Either way, it's a straight take on the old Super-Friends cartoons from back in the day, complete with re-using the old theme music and narration style.  It's also undeniably new, since Cyborg is on the team, and that's total New 52 business right there.

It's incredible how things come full-circle.  Comic book characters had to struggle so long against the Super-Friends kind of stigma to ever be taken seriously, and a few Christopher Nolan movies later, everyone's apparently comfortable with playing around with those goofball takes on the icons of the medium once more.

Check out this sneak peek at DC Super Friends, which is probably coming to Cartoon Network's DC Nation block at some point next year.