‘Archer’ Season 3 Preview Videos

5 clips from the upcoming season of FX's hit comedy series.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

After last fall's "Heart of Archness," Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) returns to action this January on FX, for another 13 episodes of spy comedy action.

Also returning for the new year of "Archer" are Aisha Tyler as Archer's former lover and rival, Lana Kane; Jessica Walter as Archer's overbearing mother and boss, Mallory; Chris Parnell as the hapless Cyril Figgis, Amber Nash as the sexual omnivore, Pam Poovey and Judy Greer as the possibly pyromaniac, Cheryl Tunt.

To promote the upcoming season, FX has released five preview clips. In the first clip, "Heroes," there's a mix of new and old footage, including the first glimpse of Burt Reynolds playing himself opposite Archer during a high speed car chase.


In the second clip, "Amour," Archer's way with women is recapped before we get another quick preview of Reynolds from the episode, "The Man From Jupiter."


Archer shows off his best pickup lines in the third clip, "Hot One." Although Sterling should probably be a little less blunt in the future…


For the fourth clip, "Nickels," Cheryl and Ray (Adam Reed) listen as Pam does some… unique calculations.


And finally, Mallory institutes a new ISIS drug test in the last clip, "Beat Box." Can Pam fool the test?



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