Justice League #4: Fart of Darkness

It can't be what Jim Lee intended, but Darkseid's arrival really looks to be punctuated with a titanic alien fart bomb.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Justice League #4

Geoff Johns has tossed Justice League: Year One out the window to retell the origin of DC's premiere superteam as if the marquee players were the actual founders.  What should have been a pretty exciting new adventure tale has pretty much been written as a comic romp of rookie doofuses tripping over each other while Hal Jordan plays the constant irritant.  It's hard to tell how much of that Johns intended, but surely he didn't mean to neuter the punch of his lead-off story.  However, in Justice League #4, it's not Johns who completely undercuts any dramatic tension, it's Jim Lee.

Because Darkseid finally shows up.  And his first salvo is launching off a titanic explosive fart.

Surely, that's not what Lee intended either.  Surely, it's supposed to be some massive, impressive explosion to herald the arrival of this immensely powerful alien overlord.  But I defy you to look at the final two-page spread in this issue and NOT see this as a tremendous blast of Apokoliptic gas.


Justice League #4: The Mighty Flatulence of Darkseid


Seriously, how is it anything BUT the debut of Darkseid's new fragrance, Flatulanté?*

Thus, with the completely laughable arrival of the Big Bad and his Fart of Darkness, the team of Johns and Lee have officially rounded out the complete deflation of any kind of dramatic build, as up until now, the Parademons and Boom Tubes were the only cool things going on, and Justice League has now become a comedy of errors.  There are cool moments, of course – Johns' current pet character Aquaman gets to show off how awesome he is by making sharks eat Parademons, and stabbing a trident through one's face.  Cyborg's angst-ridden origin finally completes as he atomizes a Parademon or two himself in the midst of his nervous breakdown.  These are moments where you see what Johns and Lee are actually trying to accomplish here.  It's too bad they're missing the mark so amusingly.

It's not an offensively bad read or anything like that.  It's just become entertaining for all the wrong reasons, and that ain't what you want out of your headliners.  



*credit for this term goes to my sister-in-law.