PC Lover’s Holiday Buyer’s Guide

Shower the PC nerds you love with love.

Mike Whiteby Mike White


Have you waited until the last minute to finish your shopping? This holiday season, don’t wildly guess what the PC nerd in your life is craving. I’ll share some of my favorite ideas for uncertain gift givers.



I will briefly entertain the idea that there are still people out there who don’t own this game. For them, you must tie them to a chair, sew their eyes open and force them to play this under penalty of violence.

In-game items or currency


Every PC gamer is a collector of some sorts. Whether it’s achievement points, titles or honorable kills, we’re all guilty of coveting shiny new things. That’s where cash shops come in. For World of Warcraft players, you can give the gift of mounts and their assorted cub companion pets or simply game time cards. Rift offers collector’s edition upgrades which come with a variety of mounts and vanity items. Other free to play games such as Riot’s League of Legends offer in-game points that can be used to unlock new champions and purchase assorted skins to dress them up in.

Humble Indie Bundle


This “little” bundle of joy appeals to all kinds of gamer. For the humanitarian type, your purchase benefits charity and indie game developers alike. For anyone with a pulse, the games in this year’s bundle happen to be some of the most creative and enjoyable games I’ve played in a long time. Cave Story, Super Meat Boy, Jamestown and Bit.Trip Runner are just a few of the titles. As a bonus, the soundtracks to each of the seven games are also available for download. While you’re at it, pick up a copy for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. With the name your own price feature, this is a deal for any budget.

PC controller


I can tell you first hand how hard it is to convert from the mouse and keyboard standard to the console controller. However, there are too many games built with controllers in mind that just work better with that hardware. I personally enjoy the Razer Onza for around $40, but there are cheaper gamepads on the market that will get the job done.

Wireless Gaming Receiver


If you already own an Xbox 360, save yourself some money and grab one of these receivers. With this one device, you can use up to four Xbox controllers on your PC. This will save you from needing the extra equipment and constraint of being wired.

Star Wars headphones


I remember the time my mother went on a business trip to Orlando and brought me back a present from MGM Studios. Oh Lord, how I loved my “X-Wing Fighter Pilot” hat. I wore it every time I played X-Wing, X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter or Dark Forces. These gems brought me right back to those childhood days. Just look at them. You could even make an argument for wearing these outside of your home, if you had a reason to leave.

The Guild on DVD


Let’s face it, even if (and that’s a big if) you’ve never personally been involved in the many awkward situations Felicia Day pokes fun at, you’ll appreciate this nerd humor. Shows are only 15 minutes long, so your mangled and flaccid excuse for an attention span should still be able to handle these bite-sized seasons.

Plush Companion Cube


There was hardly time to write this article with all the amazing games released in the past two months. The horizon is even brighter. Without the need or time for physical human interaction, this stuffed Cube makes the perfect substitute for flesh and blood. Give this gift to nerds and former significant others of nerds.