The Packers’ are America’s Team… I Think Not!

Green Bay is more the flavor of the year than anything else.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

In a recent poll taken by Public Policy Polling, the Green Bay Packers were voted America's Team by a decisive margin over the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

According to the results released Wednesday by the organization, out of 700 people surveyed, a whopping 22% picked the Packers as America's team. That percentage doubled Dallas's 11% and was even higher that the other teams listed above, each of which tied for third with 8%.

While I question the validity of a poll that surveys only 700 people, I do have to say that I find the results both bullcrap and not surprising.

You see, people, as a group, tend to flock to the flavor of the moment and that, my friends, is exactly what the Green Bay Packers are. Coming off of a SuperBowl win over the much respected Steelers and fielding 13 straight wins this season in easy fashion, the Pack picked up droves of fans and supporters as each week went by. These 'band-wagon jumpers', as the term goes, are just fairweather fans that will jump off as easily as on once the Pack start losing big.

Which will happen, again and again, because that's the nature of the game.

No, as much as I am loathe to say this, the moniker of America's Team will always belong to the Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys, almost seen as the Yankees of the NFL, haven't had a lot of recent success but that hasn't dissuaded too many fans from still supporting their colors. Heck, even this very poll shows you the popularity level of a team that hasn't done much in a while. To get 11% without even sniffing a title for what seems like forever is the mark of a team with a boatload of true fans.

The popularity of the majority of the NFL is all dependent on their winning, that's the nature of this game and of society as a whole, but for those few teams that can continuously call upon a veritable nation of fans whether they are 12-4 or 4-12, those teams are the lucky ones.

And the Cowboys may be the luckiest of all in this regard.

According to Public Policy Polling, it surveyed 700 American voters from Dec. 16 to 18. The margin of error for the survey, according to the organization, is plus or minus 3.7 percent.