‘Jaws’ Finally Comes to Blu-Ray in 2012!

They're probably throwing in Jaws 3D too, so... Thanks?

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Steven Spielberg is just plain late to the Blu-Ray train, isn't he? The world's most popular director, and arguably one of the best, has released enough classics to make a professional stick-shaker throw up his hands, but most of the classics aren't yet available in high-definition. Thankfully, we're about to add one more. According to The Digital Bits, the original blockbuster Jaws will premiere on Blu-Ray in 2013. They set the date at August 14, 2012, but that's obviously subject to change. If nothing else, we can at least be assured that Universal is working on the set.

It's also reported that Jaws will be accompanied by "at least some" of the sequels are likely to make their high definition debut on the same date, including a rumored Blu-Ray of Jaws 3D that will make use of contemporary 3D techniques, and not the old cardboard glasses deal. We're not sure yet if Universal plans to release them all separately or as a boxed set, but The Digital Bits seems to think they're leaning towards something like the recent Jurassic Park collection, since the sequels – unsurprisingly – don't do very well on their own.

We trust those guys. They know what they're talking about. The details could be off, and the discs might be delayed, but it does finally look like Jaws is coming to Blu-Ray. Damn… We're going to need a bigger TV.

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