Curry Back To College

Golden State’s Stephen Curry hits the books during the lockout.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

In a rare turn of events, an NBA player uses his lockout time off for something besides grandstanding, whining, or traveling to China. Golden State guard Stephen Curry returns to Davidson to hit the books and get his degree.

Curry’s return to college to hit the books isn’t because his NBA career is in question. No, Curry is one of the bright young stars in the league and will likely have a long and prosperous career as an offensive juggernaut. His ability to effortlessly drain the long-ball is awe inspiring and his production thus far in the NBA has been impressive with 14.5 ppg, 5.5 apg, and shooting 33% on 3-pointers in his first year as a pro.

His return to Davidson was in response to a promise he made to both his parents and his coach, Bob McKillop. McKillop has a perfect graduation record for his basketball program, something unheard-of today. Then again, Davidson has produced over five times more Rhodes Scholars than NBA players, so it’s definitely an institution with an emphasis on grades and not hoop dreams.

Curry was able to knock-out 3 classes this fall thanks to the lockout and his hoping to wrap up his degree in sociology through summer classes. His senior thesis examining the relationship between basketball players and tattoos is ironic considering he’s probably one of the most clean-cut least tatted players in the league. Either way, it looks like a lock that this baller will be putting some hardware on his wall as well as on his finger.