No Rest for the Nerdy – Vol. 47: Holiday Edition

We celebrate the holidays with plenty of gaming and our fair share of first-world problems.

Erik, Mike, Alex & Paulby Erik, Mike, Alex & Paul


We never stop playing video games. That’s a fact. Even after we call it quits for the week we still look forward to getting home and continuing our digital conquests. It’s our life blood. So we thought it would be fun to share with everyone what our gaming intentions are for the weekend so you guys can get a sense of what we're playing and enjoying on a weekly, non-formal basis. Yes, this concept isn't new to the internet. But hey, we kind of want to join in on the fun. Can you blame us for that? So without further ado, here’s what we’re playing this weekend that will forfeit any semblance of rest…

Please feel free to sound off below to let us know what your gaming plans are this weekend.

mikeMike White: Holidays are for traveling. Sadly, my desktop and Xbox are not. Queue up another reason to talk about the Humble Indie Bundle. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, anywhere I take my netbook, I take my Humble Bundle games with me. So far, I’ve spent all my time between Bit.Trip Runner and Jamestown. I need to install Gratuitous Space Battles and learn the ropes so Joey and I can duke it out over online multiplayer.

That still leaves four games left to try out. I’ll need all the help I can get to keep my mind off The Old Republic deprivation. I’ve just gotten into a nice groove, too. I finally started diving into the crafting system and, so far, I’m loving it. There is a lot of depth without being confusing. I also like the option of letting my companions handle all the dirty work while I focus on story or PvP.  

If I start to miss it too much, I’ll start up Gratuitous Space Battles, put some John Williams on Pandora and pretend like I’m rocking an Empire At War sequel.

erikErik Norris: Much like Mike, I’ll be focusing the majority of my gaming attention on the Humble Indie Bundle over the long holiday. I’m currently vacationing in Florida at my parents’ house and the only gaming systems I have here are my Mac and their Wii, with a whopping catalogue of Wii Sports (the original) and Wii Fit. Yippee! Therefore, if I’m gaming it’s on my computer. Hence, the Humble Indie Bundle will be getting a lot of attention.

I just started playing Cave Story for the first time, and so far it’s a really fantastic little title. The old school graphics and music bring a constant smile to my face, while the gameplay’s depth constantly surprises me. I find myself drawn to Cave Story like a fly to light whenever I decide it’s time to play some vidja games. But if I decide to take a break from Cave Story, a replay of Portal 2 or a first play-through of the terrifying Amnesia: The Dark Descent will be in order.

Lastly, once I return back to my humble abode in glorious ol’ Delaware, back to where my Xbox 360 resides, I’ll be booting up Skyrim immediately to continue my epic, dragon-slayin’ adventure. That game is on my brain 24/7 these days, so I’m obviously jonesing for a fix, which I can’t get for another week plus. First-world problems to the extreme!

paulPaul Tamburro: Last week I was struggling with the dilemma of whether or not I should pick up Skyrim. This week I face no such dilemma as I instead picked up Battlefield 3, only the second title I have owned in the series along with Battlefield 2142, and I am already overwhelmingly addicted.

As a guy who likes his video games to have that pick up and play quality (the reasoning behind my adoration of any and all sports titles), I initially plumped for Modern Warfare 3 during that whole sales war that EA was pitching. Unfortunately, after picking up MW3 I almost instantly found myself suffering with the dreaded “CoD fatigue”, sending the game back to the shelf where it has since been collecting dust.

Fortunately, Battlefield 3 has rekindled my love for big guns and bloodshed as I find myself unable to go more than a couple of hours without venturing back onto the front line, boarding a jet, crashing it into some nearby greenery and then spending the next 10 minutes wandering the map alone after my squad has abandoned me. But who needs squaddies? I’m a CoD Veteran, dammit! I can do this ON MY OWN!

alexAlex Keen: I have no idea what Santa will leave under the tree for me. Therefore, what I actually play is destined to change. However, like the boys I plan on being very humble this holiday. Jamestown is the top game of the bunch so far – and plays perfectly with a controller.  The music in this game is outstanding for such a small title. Cave Story is getting some play, but the story is getting a bit too JRPG for me. We’ll see.

On the console, I am playing plenty of Kinect games and expect to keep it up over the holiday.  I still haven’t played the holiday version of Fruit Ninja. Not sure how that has slipped through the cracks.  

Finally, if I get some me time with the Xbox controller, I’d like to revisit Halo Anniversary and Portal 2.  The biggest problem is finding someone who is willing to play co-op with me at 10pm.  First-world problems.