Superman Ditches The Jeans and T-Shirt

The sneak preview of the #8 issues of the Superman books shows us that the work-a-day look is finally gone in Action Comics.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Action Comics #8

One of the sticking points some people have had with Grant Morrison and Rags Morales doing the New 52 version of Action Comics was the fact that Superman was running around in workboots, jeans and a t-shirt in what they'd consider a ham-fisted way to show us that Clark Kent is an everyman.  Others would say it makes complete sense that that's how this new version would start out in a world where there have never been any superheroes before him. 

Whatever your opinion, now we know that the relaxed-fit Wrangler look will be falling by the wayside by Action Comics #8, thanks to this preview of the cover of that issue. 


Action Comics #8


He is still dealing with The Collector (who has to be some form of Brainiac), though, and the bottle city of Metropolis problem.  But at least he's got the real suit on.

Speaking of Man of Steel developments – the cover for Superman #8 was also previewed, and we appear to have another classic villain reimagining on our hands.  Take a look.


Superman #8


Ladies and gentlemen, we give you…. Starro?  That's Starro The Conqueror stuff there, right?  Can we at least agree that Starro is implied?  Okay.  Anyone else miss the days where Starro was just a giant starfish and not some guy controlling giant starfish?