Top Ten Meme’s of 2011

Meme’s come in all shapes and sizes, videos, pictures, quotes, comments, they’re even IRL. This year has been crazy with the cheese whiz, assuming cheese is meme's

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Memes tend to go crazy on sits like 4chan, funny junk and tumblr.. but they’re everywhere on the web. Which can make this a somewhat subjective thing to pin point exactly how powerful the reach of a meme really is. And sometimes it’s even hard to decide where one meme stops and another meme begins…

Case in point the king of all meme, the LOLcats.. but within this master meme smaller niche cat memes have blossomed and spread, like Business cat, and so forth. But let's make a move to our first meme cool cat that could be a cat but isn't…

10. The Honey Badger

It’s been a great year for meme’s and it seems like some of the best really started to take off toward the end of the year. As I started this list I had people’s ears perk up with suggestions, most of which I dismissed with “pish posh good boy you’re retarded.” However when This one crossed my plate, I had to remove something to make room.

I present the Honey Badger, This original video has sparked many a image meme with the caption ‘Honey Badger don’t care’… and so forth. It’s Damn funny.


9. Casually Pepper Spray Everything Cop

Another 2011 late entry exclusive is the UC Davis Pepper Spray cop, it might not have quite the momentum or staying power as some of the other meme’s in the list, but it is probably the single most important meme of the year.


8. Occupy Letter

Right up there with the Pepper spray cop is this meme, the Occupy Letter. It’s an extremely simple concept a person holds a letter up to a webcam and snaps a picture. The letter details how epic and modest they are, and nobody really believes anything anyone says in any of these things. Satire and parody ensue and it’s memeable.

7. Planking – and laying around, etc


It came, it saw, it laid down. This was the year the world planked, and then it spawned Owling, Hollow Manning, and for a brief moment, the Bat manning.


6. Chuck Testa.

It’s a meme! Nope, Chuck Testa.

5. 60’s Spider man.

A whole meme culture has come about in smart ass replies to comments on other people’s posts. In fact on sites like 4Chan and Funnyjunk the post has become irrelevant and you’ll often see long chains of meme based threads taking up pages worth of screen space. Hence 60’s Spider man was born to take the brunt of these irrelevant threads.



4. I Have the Weirdest Boner

I believe it was Aristotle who first said it, but then it was mentioned almost under his breath by Donald Glover on the show Community. Then it was a meme.



3. Nyan Cat.

First you take an annoyingly catchy song. Add a cat, Jam a pop tart on it and shoot an ever streaming rainbow fart behind it… the creator of this abomination is living breathing brown acid. I assume merely touching him would make you thinking you’re an envelope and you’d forever rock back and forth in the fetal position.

2. Rage Guy comics and Friends.

More than half of this list could easily have been one of each of these little crudely drawn cartoons. They have become engrained in the web, and appear to be some of the most ever green meme’s to date. They are: Rage Guy, Cereal Guy, Forever Alone, Me Gusta and more.

1. BRONIES FTW – Pony Power

Yes, Ponys, I can’t rationalize it, I can’t justify but according to google and know your meme the single most searched and used meme is My Little Pony. It seems odd that I didn’t even know this show was back on the air and year it’s sparked an entire web movement of meme’s – may ceiling cat have mercy on our souls.