Pole Dancing Fails!

Leave it to the pros, people!

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

There is something so majestic about a lone dancer and a piece of metal. Perhaps it's the form, the style, and grace. Or maybe it's the possibility of a concussion at any moment.

We've taken a look through the internet and complied some of the funniest pole dancing fails it has to offer!

Please, for the love of god — Don't try this at home. Do it right. Try it in a club with a couple of drunks throwing money and broken dreams at you. 

Take a look at how to fail at pole dancing: 

Whats so tragic about this one is that she shows so much promise at the start… 


@ 2:15, her career as the Ukraine's premier pole dancer goes south. Back to the corn fields for you, Yelena.


The funniest thing about this video is that the mattress that could have prevented her concussion was so close, yet so far away.


This was filmed at the Louisville corn-boil and tractor/trailer festival in 1998. She's a kindergarten teacher.


Apparently, this is what kids do after school nowadays. 


Just because it's a commercial doesn't make it not funny as hell. 


CRAVE always wishes you the best success at your pole dancing/stripper aspirations!