The Heat Are Hot In Miami

Miami beats up on the Mavs and Celtics.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

After watching the Mavs hoist their championship banner on Christmas day, the Heat proceeded to pummel the defending champion in impressive fashion. Honestly, the Mavs looked slow and unathletic next to Miami. It was hard to remember how they had actually earned those rings a year ago.

Now with their 2nd game of the young season, the Heat have gone out and beat their Eastern Conference foes, the Celtics. Although they lead throughout the game and went into the lockerrooms at half-time with a 15 point lead, the Heat only managed to win by 8 and it was actually closer than that in the last 1:30.

James went for 26, Dwade 24, and Bosch 18 to make up the big 3 for Miami. Allen dropped in 28 and Rondo went for 22 for the Celtics who were still playing without Paul Pierce. Considering the Celtics were playing without their go-to guy on offense, the Heat can’t be feeling too good about letting the Cs go off in the 3rd and charge right back into the game.

The Heat still look like the better team and most analysts pick Miami to come out of the East this year, but the Celtics will still make them earn it. One of the most notably adjustments the Heat have made this year is in attaking the rim more and not settling for long-range jumpshots. We are two games into the season and neither Dwade nor LeBron have shot a 3-pointer. This speaks to their new attack-the-tin mentality.