7 Funny Covers For Your eReader

Unless you want your iPad to go naked?!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Lots of people received Kindles, Nooks, iPads and tablet computers this year for Christmas. If you’re lots of people, you might want a funny cocoon for your shiny new toy, so it’s not completely ruined the next time you trip. Here are a few ridiculous and unique covers for your eReader device:


Homework Kills

So use your eReader to play Angry Birds instead. Problem solved. [via]



This pad’s for you. [via]


Hardy Boys

The missing Nook mystery is solved! It was traded-in towards an iPad. [via]


Etch A Sketch

To erase the hard drive, just shake it a bit. [via]



Yes, but can Dr. Who download books for 99 cents onto his sonic screwdriver? I think not. [via]



Protects against water damage, but not giant-pitcher-bursting-through-your-screen damage.



Noooooo! That tablet cost so much money—oh wait, that’s just the case, not a real monster. [via]


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