Historectomy 17 The First Iron Man, Ned Kelly

We did it all for the a$$ cash! Bank robberies, Australia, and adventure inside!

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller


Heath Ledger's greatest role wasn't The Joker, it was Iron Man. The first Iron Man that is, Ned Kelly! Listen in as we cover this Irish immigrant of Australia from lowly criminal to Irish Catholic folk hero and hear his last stand covered in bulletproof armor!



Also in this episode: Sam tries to think about Australia (examples of), we define what a “bush ranger” really is, wax about Warren Zevon, Christian doesn’t care about giving Sam the truth, we wish we were “Rulers of Australia” from Superman II, what Australian textbooks look like, Ned Kelly became “Steel”, oppression of the Irish Catholics in Australia regarding cattle theft, NEVER remove the label of a mattress, we reveal two things about us you can’t hear on the show, government incursion on my rat farm, hillbilly karate noises, the sad story of Ah Fook, we practice our terrible Australian accents, you’ll be terrified to find out what “black-balling” is, Krauspe is taking horse steroids, make sure to have would-be novelists as your backup, Ned Kelly stars in “Ass Cash”, Ned stands up for Irish Catholics, Rick Perry tells us what we already know every Sunday in a pew, the Iron Man finally appears during a dramatic bank heist,Korn might fight Disturbed for the music rights to the movie version, oh “Such is life”!


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