Grudge Match On Hardwood

Kentucky vs. Louisville is always one of the best games of the year.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

First off, these school’s hate each other. The rivalry between UK and Louisville dates back to 1913 when these two basketball strongholds squared-off for bragging rights. The fact that both these school are located just a short car drive away only makes this rivalry more intense.

Not only are the coaches Pitino and Calipari competing for the same young ballers, but you’ve got to figure these same young ballers are probably competing for the same girlfriends. This is Kentucky, so you know it’s slim pickings.

This year’s match-up was extra loaded since UK came into the game ranked #3 in the nation and Louisville #4. Oh yeah, one more thing. The two head coaches aren’t exactly best friends. The head coach for Louisville, Rick Pitino, used to coach UK. This means the UK faithful feel betrayed by their once worshipped leader.

This year’s game was U-G-L-Y. Louisville only shot 32% from the field and UK 29%. Not exactly an offensive juggernaut. UK was lead by Kidd-Gilchrist who went off for 24 points and 19 rebounds and Davis who was a dominating defensive presence with 6 blocks.

Louisville was lead by smith who supplied 30 points, but the reality was Louisville didn’t have the offensive weapons to compete. With UK filling up the middle and begging the Cardinals to shoot the long ball, they simply couldn’t. Louisville lacks perimeter shooting like Kanye West lacks tact. Even though the final score was 69 to 62, UK really beat the Cardinals much more convincingly than then numbers reveal.