Funny Pages – Zelda is a Player

It’s the Battle of the sexes on the funny pages!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

We learn a little about men women, black dudes and players. Get it on with your video bad self.


Break  – The Main Difference Between Men And Women (link)

Break dot come, the classiest of websites, brings us this insight look at the difference between men and women as two different tennis pros receive on the court marriage proposals.



College Humor – Volcano Drill (link)

Dinosaur office is back, with the work place volcano drill! With rough claymation, horrible voice over’s and annoying over acting.

But all I can think is, during the cold war we had bomb drills, and in the ice age they have volcano drills… something should be done with that concept. Anyway… here’s your loud ass dinosaurs.


Stupid Videos  – Snowboard Rail Slide Fail (link)



Dorkly – Zelda's Boyfriend (link)

Finally the truth comes out, even video game princess’ are attracted to douchebags. I knew it. Princess Peach is probably riding on the back of some Jersey Shore guido’s Harley right now! Wait, wait, what am I saying… they probably ride some Japanese crotch rocket.



Funny Or Die – Shit Black Guys Say (link)

Um… whatever, let’s wrap it up. This is apparently considered a sketch on funny or die worthy of front page placement and a 73% rating… really? I guess the meter on funny or die is now more like “is this video’s title accurate or not accurate”…


“Get your new year one, we’ve got a Mayan Apocalypse to prepare for son!” – Shit black guys in the coming apocalypse say.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and apocalize something.

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