Show How Hard You Are with an Avatar Tattoo

Your Xbox Avatar can now rock tattoos. The future is upon us!

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


You can now get some digital ink slapped onto your Xbox Avatar to the disapproval of mothers everywhere. Microsoft has announced that tattoos are now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Now, take a deep breathe and think real hard about what you want to get carved into your body. This shit is for life.

OK, it’s until you get tired of it and want something new.

The consequences of getting digital ink are nowhere near as bad as regretting a real tattoo purchase. You’ll only lose a few hundred MS Points if you decide that sick tribal tattoo doesn’t really accentuate your eyes properly.

The only real bummer about these Avatar tattoos — outside the fact you’re paying real dollars for non-real items — is that the tattoos aren’t independent, wearable pieces. Instead, tattoos are part of Avatar shirts without sleeves, making it so you can sport that sweet wife-beater to show off your manly tats. As of right now, the only color options available for sleeveless shirts are black and white. Yippee! But again, if you’re going for that whole wife beater look, then white should do nicely (if only there was an option for a PBR stain).

You can head over to the Xbox Live Marketplace now to jump in a chair and get that tattoo you’ve always wanted but your mom has always threatened your life over. Just remember to wear long sleeves when you go home for family reunions. Ahh crap, that’s not yet possible…