10 Funniest Toilet Paper Designs

Perfect for pranks and butts!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Need some TP for your bunghole, but getting tired of plain ol’ white? Don’t get stuck in the prison of cotton white toilet paper, because once you’re locked in, you’re in for life – with no chance of parole. Bust out with one of these funny, novelty toilet paper designs:



This guy must be super rich! …or is he? [via]



Fact: taking a dump is considered very sexy in Japan. [via]


Coloring Book

When you only need one color, you don't need to stay within the lines. [via]


Toxic Waste

That’s the last time I eat a radioactive isotope burrito. [via]



My Spider-Sense is tingling. Oh wait, that’s something else. [via]



This goes right next to your super bowl. [via]


Presidential (Obama and Bush)

If you have this type of toilet paper, you don’t need to vote. [via, 2]


Kiss My Ass

Uhm… no thanks. [via]


Giant Size

For the rear end of a monster! [via]


Chuck Norris

Don’t just kick ass. Wipe ass. [via]


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