Historectomy 18 Pirate Dan the Sex Trade Man

Wanna get drunk on Lake Michigan, fire a cannon, maybe run a prostitution ring? No? Well this guy did!

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller


Avast! We've got a fresh water scallywag just waiting to blow your podcast listening ears off. He started as a navy man, then became a farmer, gold seeker, and finally a pirate pimp with a penchant for pummeling persons with plunder! This is the story of Dan Seavey, never hear'd of em'? Listen on!





Also in this episode: We have our first listener request from 13 year old Zack Meyer, we establish the “who gives a f- class” of Historectomy subjects, the crazy cat lady who re-enacts civil war fights, Sam’s geographic knowledge fails him, the Navy doesn’t care how old you aren’t, Dan Seavey finds his Snooki, the false advertising of a gold rush, Christian as a 6th grader, the rampant sand people attacks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a quick Star Wars aside, Ella Fitzgerald’s lesser known single “You Are a Pirate”, we have a recorded conversation between Seavey and his Atlantic city tart of a wife, the logical next step from robbery is prostitution, did we mention this is taking place in Lake Michigan?, Bill Dance erotically helps you bring a fish in, The Great Gay Lakes, the true meaning of “Moon Cussing”, never trust a man who wants to get you drunk on the ocean, the loopholes of the 1908 justice system in Illinois, and Phil Collins plays us out this episode!


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