ABC Greenlights Shawn Ryan’s The Last Resort’

The broadcast network commits to a pilot episode with the creator of "The Shield" and the director of "Green Lantern."

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Back in August, "The Shield" creator Shawn Ryan struck a deal with ABC to develop "The Last Resort," a high concept drama about the crew of a U.S. nuclear submarine who end up creating the smallest nuclear power nation in the world. And now ABC has committed to the next step in the process.

According to Deadline; a pilot for "The Last Resort" has been officially ordered by ABC; with Martin Campbell attached to direct. Campbell is best known for directing the James Bond reboot, "Casino Royale," in addition to other popular films like "Golden Eye," "The Mask of Zorro" and "No Escape" as well as the "Green Lantern" feature that debuted last summer.

"The Last Resort" reportedly takes place in the near future with the crew of the submarine refusing their orders to fire their nuclear payload, turning them into hunted fugitives until they take over a NATO listening outpost on an island and announce to the world that they are the newest nuclear nation. The weekly series will revolve around the crew's attempt to form a new society while dealing with the natives on the island, the nation they left behind and even the seeds of dissent from within the crew itself.

This project marks Ryan's first broadcast TV series since "The Chicago Code" was canceled last year. Previously, Ryan worked on "Nash Bridges," "Lie To Me" and "Angel" before making his name on "The Shield" as a writer, creator and an executive producer. Ryan also executive produced "Terriers," a well respected P.I. drama that ran for a single season on FX.

Earlier this week, ABC also greenlit the pilot for Roland Emmerich's currently untitled project that is set against the 2O12 Presidential campaign and rumored to have a supernatural or metaphysical aspect that is yet to be revealed. The unconventional nature of the two projects may indicate that ABC is attempting to try out some new concepts after the early success of "Once Upon A Time;" which is currently ABC's highest rated new drama.


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