Detective Comics #8: Two-Face Gets The Spotlight

Back-up stories will reveal the New 52 version of Harvey Dent's fall from grace.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Detective Comics #8

One of the biggest disappointments of the New 52 was how squandered Batman's rogues gallery was in the big reboot – all lumped into some roid-raging Arkham Asylum mess over in Batman: The Dark Knight instead of reintroduced individually with cool new origins.  Now, it looks like some of that may begin to be remedied, as DC has announced that Detective Comics #8 will introduce backup stories, written by Tony S. Daniel and drawn by Szymon Kudranski, that will reveal the new backstory for Harvey Dent – perhaps the most squandered character in the Gotham City pantheon.

From the sound of it, this will be the story we would have liked to have seen in the main storylines – seeing Harvey Dent try to rebuild himself as a man after leaving Arkham Asylum, only to find the darker aspects of his personality continue to influence him.  Truth be told, after Harvey had his face fixed in Hush, and after Batman left him in charge of defending Gotham City for a year a while back, there was a hell of a lot of potential there that wound up being wasted in the rush to bring Two-Face back rather unsatisfactorily.  It would have been great to rewind that and see the whole Harvey Dent in the thick of the mix once again.  Maybe these backups will be our chance.

“I’m really looking forward to working with Szymon Kudraski, who’ll no doubt capture the dark mood and tone I’m reaching for in Detective Comics,” said Daniel. “I’m going deep into the character of Harvey Dent and the inner conflicts and demons he must confront.  I’m approaching the characters and story the way I would a multi-layered psychological thriller, one that covers a man at the losing end of a battle within himself.”

Can Daniel pull it off?  Can he redeem the One-Face debacle?  We'll have to see in Detective Comics #8.  You can take a gander at the cover below… which has nothing to do with Harvey Dent, but there's certainly some movie-styled Scarecrow action.


Detective Comics #8