“Rifle Burs” and 5 Glorious Remixes


Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

There’s something very satisfying about watching this music video over and over again. Maybe it’s the reckless gunfire, the TMNT references, the mirror screaming or the fact that this video could violate the rapper’s parole. Anyway you look at it, this video is great and the Gospel of BURS needs to be spread. Here is “Rifle Burs” and 5 remixes:


Rifle Burs: The Original

Gun shots on the beat. Yet somehow, I’m not intimidated.


Rifle Burs: Dubstep Remix

The darker picture makes his messy garage less ridiculous.


Rifle Burs: Dance Remix

Everyone on the dance floor – shoot babies!


Rifle Burs: Metal Remix

Planking is so metal.


Rifle Burs: OMG Mix

If you don’t have ninja turtle swag, you don’t have any swag at all.


Rifle Burs (Intensive Burs Unit)

Burs vs. Swag – who you got?


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