The 5 Dumbest Bowl Names of All Time

This is why you pay attention to the fine print!

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Bowl Games

In theory, college football bowls are supposed to be the end result of playing a good season. It's a reward for both players and the school they play for. Unfortunately, in an attempt to make more money, or in some cases just sheer stupidity, the names of these bowls don't really jump up and scream 'look at me, I'm a respectful reward for all your hard work!'. Below are five of the worst names to ever grace a bowl game and while there are literally dozens more that probably could have made this list, these are the ones that stood out the most.

5. The Little Caesar Pizza Bowl (1997-present)

 Formerly known as the Motor City Bowl, Little Caesar bought the sponsorship back in 1997 to give kids across the land the chance to go to college to get the chance to play in a pizza bowl. Why? Because nothing says pride, integrity and the culmination of a hard year of games like….'pizza, pizza'.

4. The Refrigerator Bowl (1948-1956)

To give this ridiculous bowl some credit, it actually was held in the refrigerator capital of the world, Evansville, Indiana. In it's height, the city pumped out out 3,800 units daily. Unfortunately, the aptly named bowl failed to entice any of the top tier teams in the country and died a slow and uneventful death.

3. The Bowl (2001-2002)

The late 90's and early 2000's gave rise to the internet bowls. It seemed like you couldn't turn on a bowl game without seeing one .com or anther! Like a lot of the .com boom, this name wasn't to last as it was soon changed to the Houston Bowl.

2. The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (2002-Present)

While there is nothing wrong with fighting hunger, I applaud you Kraft, I'm not sure it makes such a good bowl name. Once known as the Emerald Bowl, which is a pretty cool name, the sponsorship was given to Kraft in 2002 and along with it, the last of any dignity for college football.

1. Poulan Weedeater Independence Bowl (1990-1996)

Yes, this was the actual name for the Independence Bowl at one time. One of the earliest bowls to ever hawk out its name to sponsors, the independence Bowl gave us out number one most awful bowl name of all time. Of course the name sparked a staggering mountain of ridicule as it was disdainfully referred to as the 'Weekwhacker Bowl' till it finally changed in 1997.