BCS, You Are Freaking Killing Me!

Will you get a playoff already!

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Now that college football is basically over, there are still a few East/West type games on the schedule, it's time once again for my yearly rant on how the BCS needs to change it up a bit and get some sort of playoff situation going. This years title game between LSU and Alabama once again leaves us with a feeling that this shouldn't be it.

Yes, in the big game, Alabama showed up and LSU didn't, thus a champion was crowned, but let us not forget that LSU defeated Alabama earlier this season and actually finished with a better record. While this doesn't necessitate another matchup between the two, it does go to show that neither of these teams are inherently perfect.

Then again, no team is this season, and that's the point.

There are other 1 loss teams this year that deserves a shot at the National Championship. Oklahoma St., for example is a team that should have been in the hunt. Heck, even two loss Oregon can enter the discussion. I would even make a case for Boise St, though just the mention of them sparks outrage because of their strength of schedule.

No, instead of 35 mostly meaningless Bowl games whose names change more frequently than a baby's diaper, why can't we devise an eight team playoff and then throw the rest of the bowl games to the teams that don't make the cut?

Obviously, this drastic a change won't happen because it doesn't make sense monetarily. College football is already raking in the cash from these bowl games with a rake the size of Alaska and nothing so out there will be done to shake up the model.

In all probability, the most we can hope to see is an 'and 1' type format that would pit four teams in contention for the crown. The winners of both games would then play for the title. This isn't the best solution overall but it's the best short term one and one that shouldn't mess with the influx of cash.

While I do expect to see this 'and 1' implemented within the next few years, I have to shake my head at the continued stubbornness of the NCAA to not have already done this. It's one thing to respect tradition but to not make this minor a change, one that could be so easily done, is an error that reeks of stupidity.

Get it done, NCAA, your college football needs something like this and while I know you won't bend greatly, even a small one would be appreciated.