Marcus Nispel Will Direct the ‘Hack/Slash’ Movie!

The cult hit comic book will be brought to life by the guy who remade Conan the Barbarian. Yikes.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

The rumors of a Hack/Slash movie began pretty much right after the comic book series premiered in 2004, as a series of one-shots about a young woman and a disfigured behemoth of a man who travel the country fighting "slashers." Those would be the kind of undead monsters found in the Friday the 13th types of movies: people wronged in life who come back from the dead to wreak homicidal vengeance on the world. It was a smart, genre-bending conceit with intriguing lead characters and a cavalcade of memorable monsters, including eventual guest stars like The Re-Animator's Herbert West and Chucky from the Child's Play series. It's exactly the kind of comic book that would make a great movie, but that movie has been stuck in development hell for years, perhaps until now.

Yes, the comic book series inspired by the films like Friday the 13th will now be adapted into a live-action feature film by Friday the 13th director Marcus Nispel. That's the remake of Friday the 13th, mind you, a film that didn't make too many fans happy, even though we kind of liked it. (It's not like the original films were all that great, apart from the second one.) Nispel's horror cred is impressive from a box office perspective, having ushered in the modern age of genre remakes with his spectacularly successful Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but his actual films tend to be reviled by critics and particularly avid horror enthusiasts. His latest foray into action territory, the remake of Conan the Barbarian, was basically dismissed at the summer box office. Hollywood Reporter reported (as it does) that Nispel flirted with the project previously, but has only now committed to the project after the adaptation's previous director, Fredrik Bond, left the film.

Will Nispel be able to pull this one off? We expect a lot of back/lash from the comic book and horror communities after this announcement. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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