William Shatner’s hittin’ Broadway (again)

Captain Kirk's new one-man show is "Shatner's World: We Just Live in It."

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox


Our beloved Captain Kirk, aka William Shatner, is always on the go, and his latest project will be a one-man Broadway show called "Shatner's World: We Just Live in It." Previews begin on February 14.

As reported by The Associated Press, producers said Tuesday that "the two-hour show will take audiences on a voyage through Shatner's life and career, from Shakespearean stage actor to internationally known icon and raconteur."

It isn't the Shat's first time gracing the coveted Broadway stage – he performed in "Tamburlaine the Great"in 1956 and "The World of Suzie Wong" in 1958, and then he followed that up with "A Shot in the Dark" three years later. “My plan has always been to return to Broadway every 50 years. I can’t ask my fans to wait for me longer than Halley’s Comet, so I’m coming back,” Shatner quipped in a statement, as quoted by Reuters.

However, it hasn't really been his stage experience that has gained William Shatner notoriety over the years – the 80-year-old Montreal native has always been loved for his role as Captain Kirk on the "Star Trek" series as well as the big-screen flicks, and most recently he has been celebrated for playing Denny Crane on the hit shows "The Practice" and its predecessor spin-off "Boston Legal," for which he won two Emmys and a Golden Globe.

"Shatner's World: We Just Live in It" will be showing at the Music Box Theatre until March 4th.