Penny Arcade Expands into Typical Game Coverage

Penny Arcade will be diving into the deep end of the gaming coverage scene.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


We know them as the lovable duo who had their humble beginnings creating comic strips to poke fun at the gaming industry’s more farcical moments — oh, they also host a number of conventions these days, too — but the folks behind Penny Arcade are expanding their operation in a couple of weeks when they begin typical video game industry coverage.

Former senior editor of gaming at Ars Technica, Ben Kuchera, has announced that he will be spearheading Penny Arcade’s industry coverage, leading us to believe the site will now run news, interviews, previews and reviews under Kuchera’s guidance. Kuchera leaves behind Ars after nearly a decade of service.

For Penny Arcade, this is a big, yet interesting step. The site has always been “outside the machine,” so to speak, so it’s intriguing that they would enter the wily woods of games journalism now. Maybe their philosophy is that they would rather themselves do it and do it right, then sit idly by while others muck it up. We don’t know, that’s just our best guess as to why they would choose to expand in this direction. But then again, we're not judging; in fact, this news actually gives us even more reason to visit Penny Arcade on a regular basis. If you’re familiar with Ben Kuchera’s writing, then you know what to expect from Penny Arcade’s brand of coverage; for everyone else, prepare for sharp writing, a lot of wit and a passion for the games industry that burns eternal.

We here at CraveOnline are excited to see what comes of this. Keep an eye on Penny Arcade for more information about the site’s planned direction with games coverage.

Best of luck, gents!