AMC TCA Roundup

The latest word on "Mad Man" Season 5 and the return of "The Killing"

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

While the bulk of the media's attention has been on "The Walking Dead" and the recently revealed original plans that Frank Darabont had for the second season premiere; AMC still has two other major series to promote in "Mad Men" and "The Killing."

At the Television Critics Association winter press tour, AMC revealed that "Mad Men" will return to the network on Sunday, March 25 for its long-awaited fifth season with a two hour premiere. Seven days later on Sunday, April 1; "The Killing" will bow for its second season; which will also be a two hour premiere.

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner refused to divulge much about the fifth season. But he did express his enthusiasm about the extended season premiere.

“The year doesn’t really mean anything,” said Weiner. “It doesn’t. I’m not doing a history lesson. The thing that I’m excited about [is] I wanted to give people a big helping. I wanted a two-hour premiere. It’s a 'Mad Men' movie – I don’t think anyone’s going to think it’s two episodes spliced together. There is a story that starts in the middle of it (but otherwise) it’s one story. The begging and the ending are related to each other.”

Weiner also had some interesting things to say about the fourth season finale of "Mad Men" that ushered in some major changes for Don Draper and company.

"I’m going to terrify everybody here. I never have an idea when that finale is over," admitted Weiner. "I really don’t. I mean, I wanted to stay within that reality but I think that the audience deserves to not have the same thing happening like this for five years (makes motion of keeping a straight line). I literally try and shake it up and dump out the milkshake and rinse out the glass and start over. And whatever happens in between and whatever happens in my life, and certainly success is something that is now everyone on the show feels this responsibility to the audience, so you get extra pressure to please. And I am a showman and I am an entertainer so I want to please that way."

Meanwhile at TVLine, "The Killing" star Mireille Enos had a message for fans discouraged that the killer of Rosie Larsen will not be revealed until the end of the second season.

“If those fans come back [for Season 2], they’ll really enjoy it," said Enos. "If you loved [the journey] the first time around, why not spend more time in it?"

“[The Story] picks up the moment you left it behind, and from there the stakes just jump 500 percent,” continued Enos. “The mystery just keeps unfolding and everything keeps getting more and more personal for all of these characters.”

Enos also noted that her character, Detective Linden will have to deal with the apparent betrayal of her partner, Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman); who has seemingly falsified evidence in the Rosie Larsen case.

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