Fantasy Football Focus: Top QB’s Of 2012

Because it's never to early to think about next season.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

This year in fantasy football may be over but that only means it's time to start looking ahead. I get that the offseason may blow up this list but for now, here is how I am ranking the top 10 QB's going into the 2012 season.


1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay

2011 Stats: 4,643 passing yards, 45 touchdowns and six interceptions; 257 rushing yards and three touchdowns

Rodgers lit up the fantasy landscape as much as he did the NFL with his massive arm and ability to find the end zone. With a receiving corps that consists of four very legit threats, tight end included, and no real running game to speak of, Rodgers should take what he did this season and extend it to next year. Throw in the massive chip on his shoulder after the way the Pack was ousted from the playoffs and you have yourself one dangerous mo-fo.


2. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

2011 Stats: 5,476 passing yards, 46 touchdowns and 14 interceptions; 86 rushing yards and one touchdown; one fumble

If you want a QB who will give you consistent points, then look no further than Drew Brees. Brees has tossed a touchdown pass in 49 straight games, tying the NFL record, and doesn't look to be slowing down any time soon.


3. Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

2011 Stats: 4,051 passing yards, 21 touchdowns and 17 interceptions; 706 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns; 27 receiving yards; two fumbles

OK, just look at the stats above and tell yourself this, Cam Newton was a rookie in 2011. That's right, he did all that damage as a first year QB, and with a full offseason under his belt heading into next year, these numbers could explode upwards!


4. Tom Brady, New England Patriots

2011 Stats: 5,235 passing yards, 39 touchdowns and 12 interceptions; 109 rushing yards and three touchdowns; two fumbles

Well, love him or hate him, you can't doubt the ability of Tom Brady to be a consistent and dangerous passer. This guy tends to make stars out of everyone around him and never misses a beat. Eventually father time will come to collect the skill-set of Mr. Brady but don't expect that to be next year.


5. Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles

2011 Stats: 3,303 passing yards, 18 touchdowns and 14 interceptions; 589 rushing yards and one touchdown; four fumbles

A dual threat QB like Michael Vick is ff gold, plain and simple. When healthy, Vick is nearly unstoppable and can carry a team, whether it's fantasy or not. Expect him to miss a few games but overall be worth the aggravation.


6. Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts

2011 stats: 3 neck surgeries.

The future of Peyton Manning is cloudy at best. Will he still be a Colt in 2012? That's the biggest storyline of the upcoming offseason. Wherever he may be next year, one thing is for certain. If he is on the field, he is putting up big boy numbers.


7. Matt Stafford, Detroit Lions

2011 Stats: 5,038 passing yards, 41 touchdowns and 16 interceptions; 78 rushing yards; one fumble

Matt Stafford finally gets a full season under his belt and what does he do, passes for over 5000 yards. Yep, this is the guy I chose Jason Campbell over in last years draft and a good reason why I didn't win league champion. The bottom line is this, if he's healthy, he's gold.


8. Phillip Rivers, San Diego Chargers

2011 Stats: 4,624 passing yards, 27 touchdowns and 20 interceptions; 36 rushing yards and one touchdown; five fumbles

I am a firm believer in what motivation can do for an elite player and for Rivers next year, he should be really motivated. Despite good total numbers for the season, Rivers was a no-show and a disappointment for many owners expecting him to have an Aaron Rodgers type year. Major turnaround is expected for next season.


9. Eli Manning, New York Giants

2011 Stats: 4,933 passing yards, 29 touchdowns and 16 interceptions; 15 rushing yards and one touchdown; four fumbles

Eli deserves credit for stepping out of the shadow of his brother and putting up a great season this year. With a good receiving squad and a decent backfield, the younger Manning should duplicate this season statistically.


10. Matt Shaub, Houston Texans

2011 Stats: 2,479 passing yards and 15 touchdowns.

The injury to Matt Shaub mid-season is the only reason the Texans aren't in the AFC Conference Championship game this weekend. Shaub is an elite QB who can put up numbers that can rival anyone in the league. Expect good things out of him next year.