The B-Movies Podcast #51 – 100% Hitler-Free!

Bibbs and Witney lament the fate of George Lucas and review Haywire and Red Tails!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Strap in, kids! It's going to be a good week because of The B-Movies Podcast: Episode #51 – 100% Hitler-Free! Join CraveOnline's Film Channel Editor William 'Bibbs' Bibbiani and Professor Witney Seibold as they argue over The Golden Globes and review this week's hottest two releases, Haywire and Red Tails! One of them gets their seal of approval. The other makes them fight like rabid lions! They'll also cover the week's movie news and whatnot, including the upcoming reboot of The Fantastic Four and George Lucas giving up on blockbusters!

Plus! Have Bibbs and Witney come up with the most disgusting movie ratings system ever? Where will small, blonde women with breast implants be surrounding by lumpy, hairy, sweaty fifty-year-old men? On an unrelated topic, is Bibbs fifty years old? Is The Greatest Show on Earth really the worst Best Picture winner ever? Can anybody enter a room like Darth Vader? What is the real tragedy of George Lucas's career? How bad can the dialogue in Red Tails really be? Who hasn't taken a jab at Madonna (if you know what we mean)? Why does Bibbs feel bad for one of the most promising directors in Hollywood? And does the film industry want Red Tails to fail?

The answers to all these questions and more in The B-Movies Podcast: Episode #51 – 100% Hitler-Free!