8 Funny TV Supercuts

TV characters can get a bit repetitive.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Ever wonder how many times Homer Simpson has said “d’oh?” Or how many times Captain Picard has said “beam?” Luckily, the internet has already wondered that for you, creating these delightful supercuts showing every instance your favorite character says or does blank. Here are 7 funny TV supercuts:


Homer Simpson – “D’oh!”

A complete d’oh-lection of “(annoyed grunts).”


Don Draper – “What?”



Horatio Caine – Puts On Sunglasses

This supercut… is a super-crime. Yeeeeaaaaaah!


Captain Picard – “Beam”

That’s why they never drink Jim Beam on board the Enterprise. It’d be too confusing.


Lost – “What Did You Do?”

Response from Don Draper: “What?”


Link – “Excuse Me, Princess!”

Link. You’re excused.


Robin – “Holy Something, Batman!”

Batman’s Response: “Say ‘holy’ one more time – I f***ing dare you.”


Degrassi – Freeze Frame

It’s a very special supercut.


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