Amy Poehler On ‘Parks and Recreation’

The actress behind Leslie Knope talks about the Knope 2012 campaign and small town weirdness.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Every time I see Amy Poehler at a Television Critics Association event, it’s a brief appearance while she’s on the run. However she’s always able to be funny and informative in brief. So this January, I was able to ask her a few questions about Leslie Knope’s run for office on "Parks and Recreation." NBC had been giving out “Knope We Can” campaign pins and stickers during the day.


Crave Online: Has the campaign slogan “Knope We Can” been in the works since you named the character in 2008 during the Obama campaign?

Amy Poehler: No. We had not thought that far ahead. That would’ve been amazing.

Crave Online: I can’t imagine Leslie has any skeletons in her closet. Are we going to find out about any?

Amy Poehler: Well, she’s born in Eagleton which is a major blow.

Crave Online: Oh please, are we not over the Eagleton issue already?

Amy Poehler: It’s a problem but I think America’s gotten over it.

Crave Online: When I saw the interview where Ron Swanson was interviewing new candidates for Tom’s job, it occurred to me that you’re not making this up. This is how people really are.

Amy Poehler: Yes.

Crave Online: Are you drawing from frustrating experiences with people you’ve encountered?

Amy Poehler: Well, the writers just do a really good job of balancing really big comedic moments with real small minutiae of small town characters I think. But I don't know if it’s always based on real people.

Crave Online: I live in L.A. and that’s not small town, and they’re just that weird.

Amy Poehler: It resonates still. There’s weirdos everywhere, if our show teaches you one thing.