Boston’s Big Three No More?

Boston’s GM Danny Ainge talks of breaking up the Big Three.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

The creation of Boston’s Big Three set a new trend in the NBA. Prior to the unification of Garnett, Allen, and Pierce, star players rode out their NBA careers largely on one or two teams as the milked what money they could out of their aging knees before the inevitable pop that would send them to a TNT pre-game commentary position. They never considered the benefits of joining forces and taking a pay cut to go after a championship ring.

Yet following the unification of Boston’s Big Three, it has become more popular than skinny jeans in Hollywood. The Celtics showed not only how aging NBA All-Stars could work together on a team, but also how they were willing to sacrifice a little money to truly have a chance to win it all. In the end, no NBA All-Stars really want to duplicate Charles Barkley and be another NBA legend with light fingers.

Unfortunately for Boston’s Big Three, the end is apparently very near. The GM of the Celtics said today that “If I was presented with those kinds of deals for our aging veterans, it’s a done deal to continue the success.” Translation Ainge is looking to deal. He’s read the slow drying writing on the wall that spells, “Too Old and Too Slow.”

Bottom line is Ray Allen is 36, Kevin Garnett is 35, and Paul Pierce is 34. That’s like being 200 years old in NBA terms.  These are some of the oldest players around the league and although they can still school plenty of youngsters, their best days are clearly behind them.

This year the Celtics will be unlikely to even make it to the Eastern Conference Finals with both Chicago and Miami over-flowing with youth, speed, and talent. It’s been a great ride for the Boston  trio and they accomplished what they all set out to do. They won their championship. Now it might be time to see if TNT is looking for any more commentators.