Oops… Fine Could Be Innocent

One of Fine’s accusers comes clean.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

It was on every channel’s nightly news, plastered all over Sports Center and ESPN, and in all the papers including SI that Bernie Fine sexually assaulting little boys. He was the assistant coach at Syracuse and was accused of doing this while he was coaching. Syracuse head coach Boeheim was even chastised even though he hadn’t done or known about anything because he came to Fine’s defense and stated he believed his friend was innocent and that these boys were being opportunistic due to the Penn State sex scandal that had just erupted.

What happened next? What happened next was an eruption of outrage at Boeheim and Fine. Out reach groups sharply criticized Boeheim for standing up for his friend, who the entire media had already tried and convicted. Boeheim was forced by the Syracuse president to offer his apologizes in a heartfelt press conference to keep his job and Bernie Fine found many of his own family and friends would no longer even speak to him over these heinous crimes.

Oops. Today one of Fine’s accusers admitted he lied. He made up the entire story because Fine wouldn’t pay for him to have special council in his trial.  This was just petty revenge on the man that had actually helped him since he was a child.

Fine’s accuser stated, “In a statement I gave, I told a lot of lies about Bernie Fine. Nothing what I said was true. Bernie was nothing but good to me over the years. He is the only thing I ever had close to a father. He never did anything wrong. He is a good man.”

No problem though, now that we know Fine is innocent I’m sure the media will just as enthusiastically make sure his name is cleared. Right? Wrong. ESPN shelved the story as the 6th bullet down on their NCAA basketball page. It didn’t even get a mention on their headline section. Huh? Welcome to prosecution by media. It’s a shame we take such delight in the potential misdeeds of our mentors and so little effort into remembering why we trusted them with our youth to begin with.