HBO Turning Indie Game: The Movie into a Fictional TV Series

HBO has purchased the remake rights to the film about independent game development.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Indie Game: The Movie is making some big splashes at the Sundance Film Festival, where it premiered this past weekend. According to Deadline, HBO has already snagged the remake rights to turn this intensely personal, nonfictional documentary into a fictional half-hour comedy series. The series will be spearheaded by executive producer Scott Rudin.

Yea, it’s a move that has us scratching our heads, too.

Indie Game: The Movie has been of particular interest to me since it was first made public. The film follows a group of independent game developers as they pump their blood, sweat and tears into their various projects in hopes that their games capture the imagination of their fans. Judging from the film’s debut trailer, going the route of fictional comedy, a la Clerks or some such, doesn’t really seem to be the best attack strategy. But then again, I’m not a producer at HBO, so maybe Mr. Rudin sees potential I don’t.

If something more actually comes of this news, we at CraveOnline will keep you informed. But whatever may happen with the TV series adaptation, big congratulations are in order to the makers of Indie Game: The Movie for seemingly successfully capturing the spirit of game development and the passionate people behind it.