Balotelli Stamps On Scott Parker’s Head: Intentional or Not?

Spurs fans are furious after the Man City striker lays the boot in.

Paul Tamburroby Paul Tamburro

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After a spectacular Super Sunday of football that also saw Manchester United scrape a victory against Arsenal, Manchester City's 3-2 victory against Tottenham Hotspur is still the match on everyone's mind following a classic encounter that, unsurprisingly, has divided fans of both clubs in controversy.

After a dull first 45 minutes the action drastically picked up in the second half, which saw City take the lead within the first 15 minutes after goals from Nasri and Lescott. Spurs would not give up, however, with Defoe getting one back in the 60th minute and a superb Gareth Bale equalising in the 65th. 

But the match truly cemented its place in the headlines when Balotelli appeared to intentionally dig his studs into the head of Scott Parker, a questionable move than is being furiously defended by City fans who claim the striker was just trying to regain his balance.

Despite Balotelli's questionnable footing his actions went unpunished, a move which would later seal Spurs' fate when, in injury time, he was brought down in the box by Ledley King and awarded a penalty in the 95th minute. Without hesitation and brimming with confidence considering the high stakes, Balotelli sent the ball sailing into the back of the net to give City the 3-2 victory.

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However, many believe that Balotelli shouldn't have been on the pitch to take the penalty in the first place, least of all Spurs boss Harry Redknapp who had this to say: "It is not the first time he's done that, is it? I'm sure the FA will look at it. They must do, mustn't they? It has no place in football, he should have been off.

"I'm the last person to talk about players getting sent off but it's blatantly obvious if you see that; he reacts like that at times to challenges. Scott has a lovely cut on his head. I'm not sure if it needs stitches.

"I'm surprised the linesman hasn't seen it. The first stamp could be an accident, but the second one? He's back-heeled him straight in the head! When you see that, it's wrong. Whether he gets sent off or whatever, it's wrong. I don't like seeing people react like that to challenges."

It has not been confirmed yet whether or not the FA will take any action against Balotelli. If they do it will spell trouble for City, who are also dealing with the four-match ban given to Vincent Kompany recently. Manager Roberto Mancini had reportedly lost his voice, so sent coach David Platt out to state that he "could not comment" on the incident as he had not seen any replays.

Despite the controversy this was still another impressive performance by both squads, with Spurs continuing to prove their top-tier status in the League. Their place in the top four is now all but sealed and, judging from Sunday's performance, they're not looking to settle for any less.