Top 3 SIRI Outtakes

What is SIRI saying now?

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

Siri - iPhone 4S

Everyone has seen at least one video with Apple i 4S's Siri rapping to lyrics, providing puzzling directions, glitching with repetitive phrases, and more. Here is a who's who of Siri outtake videos in a tribute to America's favorite personal secretary.


Siri raps to Notorious BIG's Hypnotize

This classic was one of the first to spark the Siri outtake craze. Notice the short "uhs" to start the song and Siri's hypnotize lyrical flow as she hits the verses in near perfect rhythm. More impressive than many of the current crop of hip hoppers today!


Siri can't understand Scottish folk

In a much publicized event shortly after Siri's release, the Scottish mainland protested against Siri’s inability to understand heavy Scottish accents. In this clip, a poor Scottish chap repeats the phrase "create a reminder." To Siri, its "create alemain" twice, one "Sorry, I did not understand", and "create alemanda". Confusion ensues. Thankfully, the chap looks forgiving for Apple’s critical blunder!


Siri talks to Siri

Immediately, you could tell a failed romance brewing between white Siri and black Siri. The bickering back and forth is more like a married couple and less than two phones with sophisticated voice recognition technology! Can you point out which Siri is more enamored than the other?