VIDEO: Mario Runs into Braid’s Tim at the Bar…

This latest Dorkly spoof has Mario putting Tim in his place.  

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Dorkly is at it again with their video game parodies, this time poking fun at indie games and their insatiable quest to be considered “art” and "different." The above video shows Mario running into Tim from Braid, as well as the shadow boy from Limbo, at the bar. Hilarity ensues. There’s also a surprise appearance from a certain Team Meat star near the end.

Essentially, this video just goes to show you that all platformers — indie art house gems or not — take some sort of inspiration from a certain Italian plumber, whether it’s the jumping on goomba-esque creatures or saving a princess who’s in another castle. Your game can be the most artsy-fartsy title available, but never undermine the importance of your elders. They will always put you in your place.

I feel like the video should have ended with a “How’d ya like dem apples?” joke, however.