7 Tribute Songs To Popular Websites

Facebook, Reddit and Megaupload (R.I.P.) in song form.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

You might login to your favorite website fifty times a day, but you're not a "super user" until you've written and performed a tribute song to it. After all, those programmers and content creators work hard to keep you clicking, the least you can do for them is learn to play a musical instrument and spend a lot of time producing a music video of yourself professing your love to a website. I mean, come on.



IRL Facebook is pretty great, actually.



If someone finds a security hack that lets people see circle names, she's gonna be screwed.



When you get retweeted, it's like you're alive for the first time! (Warning: Not True.)



Things that make you go "derp."



Needs more commenters in the video writing death threats.



Weird Al looks… different… somehow.



Uploads digital flowers to grave site.


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