Udo Kier Freaks You Out in ‘The Theatre Bizarre’

Watch the star of Blade and Andy Warhol's Dracula play a creepy-ass puppet in the upcoming horror anthology.

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By now, hardcore horror fans know that Udo Kier is one seriously cool cat. The German actor is known for his many roles in cult films ranging from Suspiria to Shadow of a Vampire to Andy Warhol's freaky-deaky versions of Dracula and Frankenstein. More mainstream fans know him from his supporting roles in Armageddon (he played the ill-fated psychologist) and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (he had the ill-fated toilet). His latest film, The Theatre Bizarre, is an anthology horror film opening in theaters this Friday, and Shock Till You Drop has an exclusive clip of the star as a life-sized marionette hosting the ghoulish festivities.

Yeah, he plays a puppet, the fuel of more nightmares than anything other than, perhaps, clowns. Has Udo Kier even played a puppet before? With 200 acting credits to his name, we can't even begin to keep up. Enjoy the clip.