HP TouchSmart PC

We take a look at HP's new touchscreen desktop PC.

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HP Touch Smart PC

The HP TouchSmart PC reminds me of the old adage: You have work hard to get the good. This PC most certainly made me work hard to enjoy its great benefits. Let me start by saying for the price, this is a great piece of equipment. Keep that in the back of your heads. Now that we got that clear – let me tell you about the nightmare, which was GETTING THIS GODDAMN THING SET UP! 3 hours of my life was wasted when all I simply wanted to do was get this puppy up and running and enjoy some 1 million view You Tube videos of a guy being hit by a fish (or whatever else you’d find on You Tube).

So with the ‘Getting Started’ manual in hand I powered up this flat screen, all-in-one PC. How hard can it be; you simply push the button on the side. First came a series of error messages saying I needed to boot the computer and then push any key. What the hell does that mean? My ‘Getting Started’ manual neglected this chapter. Being it was evening; I had to wait until morning to contact the hp customer service tech support. Fine, I’m one who rolls with the punches – this was one punch I just had to roll with.

Connecting with tech support, I was told to solve the problem; I had to remove the hard-drive from inside the computer. This involved screwdrivers and watching support issue videos on the hp site. What? Screwdrivers were needed to be involved!? I had to open up the back panels and get to the hard-drive. (Note: though you might be told by tech support that a Phillips screwdriver is needed, it’s actually a flat screwdriver.) Once I got to the hard-drive, I had to dislodge another screw, then with the handle pull to the left and then up to remove the hard-drive. Sounds easy? Guess again. If you pull the handle hard enough it will come off in your hand and you’ll end up cutting your finger open on a metal part. That’s right – blood was part of my process of removing the hard-drive. Blood! I just wanted to watch funny You Tube videos and now I was bleeding. After much perseverance I finally got the hard-drive removed – which solved the booting the computer problem. Ready to go? Not quite. A word of warning: Wipe down the entire screen before you try to activate the Touch Screen capabilities. If not it will cause the mouse to literally go mental and jump all over the screen.

So that was the hard part I had to endure to get to the good. Once I got to the good; I was digging the hp TouchSmart PC. Essentially it’s has the functionalities of a tablet mixed with a desktop PC. It’s a very convenient piece of equipment; you even can plug cable TV into the back panel to have an all-in-one entertainment system – rather than cluttering your place with both a computer and TV screen. This third-generation TouchSmart PC is boosted by Windows 7's gesture support. But what really brings it home is HP's custom multi-touch software.

The Skinny:

  • Excellent custom touch-enabled applications
  • 2.8GHz 2nd Gen Intel Core i7-2600S Processor
  • 23" (diagonal) 1080p Full HD widescreen with 16:9 aspect ratios
  • Blu-ray drive,
  • HDTV tuner
  • Price: $1,199

The hp TouchSmart may not be as fast as Apple's iMac – with the same clean-lined elegance. But it comes though with intuitive touch screen software. I’d say it’s worth losing a little bit of blood over!