Top 5 Destinations For Peyton Manning

If and/or when Manning is cut, these teams are his likely suitors.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

While the writing isn't yet set in stone, it's becoming readily more apparent that the Indianapolis Colts will soon be parting ways with Peyton Manning, one of the greatest QB's to ever take a snap. With the Colts set to draft Andrew Luck with the number 1 overall pick in the upcoming April draft and with Manning due a 28 million dollar bonus in early march, it is almost a foregone conclusion that Manning will be cut soon. If/When that happens, there will be a multitude of teams trying to woo him. Here are my top five along with the percentage I'm giving them to snag the future Hall of Fame QB.


5. Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns have had a dismal time since returning to the NFL after losing its team to Baltimore and a lot of that problem lies in the fact that they haven’t had a quality quarterback since Bernie Kosar in the 80's. The thing is, however, that while Cleveland would likely pursue Manning, I doubt the feeling would be mutual. Even with a high draft choice that could bring in a talented wideout, the Browns aren't talented enough all-around to be a playoff contender. Also, sharing a division with the Steelers, Ravens and the rising Bengals would not be fun.
Chance of Landing Manning: 6%


4. Washington Redskins

The Redskins would hop at the chance to get Manning. Like the Browns, it's been a hard road for them, quarterback wise, and relief of that isn't anywhere on their bench. With a young, Marshal Faulk type dual threat back like Roy Helu along with a quality tight end and some talent at wide receiver, the addition of Manning would make this team right up their with the Giants, Eagles and Cowboys.
Chance of Landing Manning: 14%


3. New York Jets

You are not going to tell me that the New York Jets wouldn't at least entertain the thought of getting Manning and parting ways with mark Sanchez. Sanchez has been a serviceable quarterback and is still very young but the Jets team as a whole is built to win and win now. With good receivers, a good defense and a stout line, this would be a very appealing choice for Manning. Also factor in the chance to beat out his chief rival, Tom Brady, for the division title, and this choice may be too good to pass up. Also, sharing New York with baby brother would be interesting, to say the least.
Chance of Landing Manning: 20%


2. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins offer basically what the Jets offer but with a better climate. With the emergence of Reggie Bush last year and the overall improvement of this team late, I can see Manning making this team into a playoff contender. If he's looking to stay in the AFC and maybe get a shot or two at Brady while avoiding the media pressure as much as possible, then this is the choice for him.
Chance of Landing Manning: 25%


1. Arizona Cardinals

You know, there is a strong chance that Peyton may just be tired of going up against those stingy AFC defenses and may want to try out what his brother is going up against in the NFC. If that's the case, there may be no better option than the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals boast one of the top wideouts in the game in Larry Fitzgerald as well as a punishing runner in Chris Wells. Also, he would be playing in the relatively weak NFC West where his main competition would be the resurgent San Francisco 49ers, who may just be a one hit wonder.
Chance of Landing Manning: 35%