This Is Why You Don’t Heckle Comics

Newsflash: Comedians on stage don't need your "Help". You might tho.

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

You see what happens, Larry? You see what happens when you f-ck a comic in the @$$?

If you've ever been to a comedy club, you've probably seen the couple that have had one-too-many cocktails and can't keep their big mouths shut during a comedian's set. These people are the scum of the earth. If there was a scale of annoying ass-faces that deserve death, they would be somewhere in between hipsters and fat women in check-out lanes.  

In what world do these people live in where they think it is okay for them to chime in with their two cents? Hopefully, you're not one of these people. 

Think of this article as a warning of what can happen when comedians decide to fight back.

Take a look:


Jimmy Carr sticks it to an audience member's mom: 


Learn from the master how to handle an unruly audience: 


Kevin Smith strikes back:


Tosh throws out a couple of drunks:


Amy Schumer owns a big boy:


Bo Burnham goes a little nuts: 


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