It’s Simple. We Kill The Batman.

Joker has 8 very strange accomplices.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Remember in The Dark Knight, where Joker said to a group of skeptical mobsters that it'd be simple to kill Batman? (If you don't, the video is below.) Turns out, a lot of people – and even a dog – seem to agree. Check out this new meme, because everybody wants to get in on a little batmurder these days.


"Kill the Batman" – Original Scene


Cat Woman

Pretty sure Batman wouldn't go for the real Cat Woman.


Sarah Palin

Nobody ever suspects former presidential candidates of murder.


History Channel

Also, aliens.


Pageant Girl

Murder is adorable.


Old Lady

Elderly folks need hobbies.


Giraffe Hat

Then Giraffe-Man will rule Gotham!


Fat Man

With a side of Robin.


Advice Dog

…makes a good point.


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