5 Cats Trying To Stay Awake

I can has cat nap?

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

After a long day of eating, napping, playing with a laser pointer and taking a nap, it's time to take a nap. However, a tired kitten is still a kitten who wants to stay up all night and party. They'll fight their need to sleep for as long as they can, but just like with the laser pointer, eventually they will give up their resistance. Here are 5 cats trying to stay awake:


Mac the Cat

This was me in Earth Science class.


I'm Awake!

"What happened?"


Southwest Commercial

Ads are boring.


Sleeping Friend

"Man, it must be nice to be asleep, like this guy over here."



Who could stay awake with a soundtrack like that? (Starts at :28 sec)


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