NBA Sleeper Teams

Some of the West is in hibernation, but not for long.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Some teams like the Thunder charged out of the gates, but the West also has a number of truly dangerous teams far better than their marginal records indicate. One of these teams is the San Antonio Spurs who have been hovering right around .500 all season. 

Yes, the Spurs are an older team and just like the Mavs the approach for older teams this year appears to be to bide their time and wait for the playoffs. This is because the compressed schedule is really taking its toll on older legs that don’t have the same rest time they’re used to in between games. 

They’ve also been playing without Manu Ginobili who is one of their big scorers, defensive stoppers, and really the soul of the team. San Antonio feels like a team waiting for just the right moment to pour it on. The question is whether Tim Duncan and the aging Spurs truly have enough when all their guys are healthy and rested. It’s easy to forget they were the number one seed in the West last year. If San Antonio is healthy they could shock a lot of experts and make a real run at another ring.

The other team in the West to watch out for is Timberwolves. With Love locked in and the budding Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams healthy, this is a dangerous team. These guys have been overlooked for years, but they are starting to scare a lot of the Western Conference favorites. They’ve already beaten the Clippers and Mavs early in the season, proving they can roll with the big boys.

They are one of these teams that simply have some odd matchup issues that wreak havoc with certain teams. The new addition Barea fits in well with Beasley and company. Yet, this team still feels like at team missing a piece or two. It is very doubtful the Timberwolves are going to make any runs at a championship, but with the right matchups they could definitely play spoiler late in the year.