Spider-Man ‘Ends of the Earth’ Teasers

Check oout some new preview images for the big Sinister Six storyline, featuring Doc Ock's last play for the world.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Ends of the Earth

Dan Slott is the master of Spidey, and this March, he's starting a new Sinister Six-centric storyline, where the dying Dr. Octopus is making his final statement that he should be considered the most brilliant mind in the world – by conquering it.

We've also got a mysterious new teaser image today, simply entitled "Spider-Men."  Take a look at this.




Could this be a team-up of Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man?  Maybe a Spider-Man/Scarlet Spider team-up?  Or even a Comic Spidey and Movie Spidey team-up?  Or… more clones?!

Anyway, here are the teaser images for the Ends of the Earth storyline in Amazing Spider-Man #682


Ends of the Earth


Ends of the Earth