The Cinnamon Challenge

It’s a teaspoon of danger!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Can you defeat the Cinnamon Challenge? If you can swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon without inhaling the powder of vomiting everywhere, you have a rare skill. For years, all across the country, folks have been taking and failing the challenge. Here are 7 videos of people attempting the legendary eating experiment:


University of Tuktoyaktuk Student

This is how they BFFFFT in Canada.


Coughing Dude

Just needs more practice.


Confident Girl

…is suddenly not so confident.


He’s A Puker

Puking for YouTube – that’s a way to make a living now.


Madi Tries

Madi fails.


Cinnamon Bros

Broing out at the sink.



You’re probably not supposed to chew for over a minute, but she didn’t throw up blood, so she wins!


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